Full Name: Absalom (アブサロム)

Description of Absalom

Nicknamed Absalom of the Graveyard (墓場のアブサロム, Hakaba no Abusaromu), he is one of Gecko Moria's henchmen. He commands the soldier sect of zombies on Thriller Bark, and his subordinates have a tendency of making fun of his perverted nature, referring to him as "Erosalom" (Perv-salom). Although first revealed as an invisible man, his true form is that of a man with various animal parts surgically implanted onto his person by Dr. Hogback. These animal parts include a lion's face, the thick skin of an elephant and the condensed muscles of various bears and gorillas. He has eaten the Suke Suke no mi (Clear Clear fruit), which allows him to turn invisible on demand and to turn objects or persons invisible if he touches them. He uses this ability to conceal a pair of bazookas strapped to his arms, which allows him to fire blasts which seem to to come from nowhere. The blasts are incredibly powerful, capable of mowing down trees and setting fiery explosions. Like many other characters in One Piece, Absalom has a unique laugh, his is a growl-like garurururu.

Source: Wikipedia

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Miura, Hiroaki