Higashi no Kaioshin

Higashi no Kaioshin "Supreme Kai, East Kaioshin"

Full Name: Higashi no Kaioshin (東の界王神)

Description of Higashi no Kaioshin "Supreme Kai, East Kaioshin"

East Kaioushin is the supreme ruler of the Eastern Quadrant of the Universe along with his best friends, and under his superior, Dai Kaioshin (Grand Supreme Kai). He is short, purple skinned with white hair, dressed in a posh Kaio outfit and always accompanied by his ever-loyal bodyguard and friend, Kibito. East Kaioshin survived Majin Buu's assault on the Kaioshin Kai to become the only surviving Kaioshin, when rescued by his bodyguard. East Kaioshin mentions that he was the weakest of the four kaioshins. Afterwards, he is typically called only Kaioshin, since there are no others to confuse him with.

During the Buu saga, he becomes fused with Kibito to form Kibitoshin.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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List of Actors

Dobson, Michael
Williams, Kent
Mitsuya, Yuuji
Brêtas, Francisco
Chiesse, Nestor