Full Name: Aisa (アイサ)

Description of Aisa

Aisa (アイサ) is a small Shandian girl.
Since she was born, she had the ability known as "mantra". Because of this, she hates it when people die and will try anything to stop it, even rushing into danger without any plans on what to do.
Aisa is good friends with Laki and tends to bring her gifts like bags of dirt, which are considered holy and are called Vearth in the sky. Aisa wants to be a strong fighter like everyone else but is afraid of Wiper, though she warms up to him eventually, Aisa is a bit of a tomboy as she reacted with disgust when Laki suggested she grow her hair longer because it would look cute on her.


Aisa 's Pictures

List of Actors

Suzuki, Masami
Leigh, Cherami