Bastille "Shark Cutter"

Full Name: Bastille (バスティーユ)

Description of Bastille "Shark Cutter"

"Shark Cutter" Bastille is a giant and a Marine vice admiral.

Bastille is the shortest giant vice admiral, and is not a part of the Giant Squad. He wears a gray metal mask with fourteen (ten in the anime before the time-skip) eye-holes and two long, curved bull horns. His long orange hair falls to the front of his chest and the rest of his hair can be seen going down his back. As with many high-ranking officers, he wears a double-breasted suit with a blue shirt and black tie, and the military overcoat draped over his shoulders, and a chain around the neck area. In his youth, his hair and the horns on his mask are much shorter, while there are only twelve eye-holes on the mask.Despite being referred to as a giant, Bastille is very short in size, being almost as tall as Dalmatian in his hybrid form.

He is rather displeased with junior colleagues who he believes to act rashly. He also has a tendency to end his sentences with "-dara".

Debut: Chapter 553; Episode 462

(Source: One Piece Wikia)

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List of Actors

Koyama, Tsuyoshi